Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a gentle, chemical process that eliminates discoloration and creates a lighter, brighter smile. Teeth can look less than pristine for a number of reasons, including your diet, the ageing process and smoking, but we can apply a bleaching agent to address this dullness and treat you to a more youthful look.


The advantages


  • Rejuvenates your smile
  • Simple, but noticeable, cosmetic treatment
  • Much safer and more effective as the whitening process is overseen by dental professionals


The options


  • Home whitening – a convenient way to whiten your teeth, using custom-made mouth trays.
  • In-surgery whitening – this light activated method accelerates the whitening process.


The treatment process


For home treatment:


  • We take impressions of your teeth and produce tailor-made bleaching trays.
  • When you receive the trays, we show you how to use them with the bleaching gel, and you then take them home to wear for specified periods each day.
  • After wearing the trays daily for a few weeks, you just need to attend a follow-up appointment so we can check your teeth have reached an appropriate lighter shade.


For in-surgery treatment:


  • We carefully protect the soft tissues of your mouth and apply the lightening gel to your teeth.
  • We shine a special light on your teeth to activate this gel and speed up the process.
  • The gel is removed at intervals and then reapplied so we can control the lightening process.


More about teeth whitening 


You can retain your whiter smile for longer by avoiding food or drink that has staining properties, such as red wine and coffee, and by brushing regularly.


Teeth whitening is not effective on restorations such as crowns or veneers, and results on natural teeth are not permanent. However, you can top-up your new look by purchasing some more gel and using this with your existing mouth trays.

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